2002 BWM 530i e39 Heating issue

Since I picked up this car just over a year ago, I noticed it ran a little cool. The other day the temperature dropped down to 9F and the car took forever to warm up.

The car
– 2002 BMW 530i e39
– M54 Engine
– 140,000 miles

The issue
– Warm or cold days the engine max temperature would go to approximately 160
– Heater would blow mildly warm air

The fix
– Drain existing coolant
– Remove the fan and clutch
– Remove the thermostat
– Installed new Wahler Thermostat Assembly with Housing ordered from Amazon
– Refilled cooling system with Pentofrost NF
– Bleed the cooling system according to the Bentley service manual

The outcome
– Engine maintains temp between 198F and 202F
– Heater blows nice and hot